Only The Creative Will Survive

Creative adaptation advice on surviving in these uncertain times from Chris Gregoire, Creative Director of Gupta Media.

How creativity will keep us going personally and professionally.


It’s said that only the strong survive but right now it’s more than about strength. Things have changed and while we’ll get back to some form of normal, I imagine that things will never really be the same again. 

Life events like this have a major impact on us as individuals but also on our culture as a whole. So, how do we move forward? 

We move forward the same way successful people have for eternity – We’ll adapt.

You know, we had only just begun creating these vlogs when this pandemic hit and while we didn’t plan to make these videos from home. We figured – why not? We have the creativity, the passion, and the expertise to keep going and all we need to do is to adapt to our new situation. 

I’m actually filming this right now with my phone propped up on an upside down laundry basket and a boom mic made from a mop handle and a coat hanger.

Things may seem strange and uncertain but we must keep moving and adapting. Being adaptable is all about creative problem solving and it’s at the heart of what we do at Gupta Media and it’s at the heart of any long-term success story. Just look at Lady Gaga! She continues to reinvent herself and she doesn’t need to wear meat dresses to get attention anymore.

I’ve been so impressed by the creative way that people have reacted to our new way of life. Late night talk shows have kept producing their shows remotely, retailers like Best Buy have changed their shopping model to provide carside service, like if Sonic and Radio Shack had a baby, and even locally I’ve seen restaurants move to a pick up or delivery model and even offer toilet paper for sale. Did you ever think your local pizza shop would have TP on the menu?

It’s also nice to see companies using their resources to help. Both Nike and New Balance have started making protective equipment for the medical industry.

So while we may not be going to the gym, remember to get some exercise.

And Schools may be closed but take this time to learn something new.

And that concert you were going to is cancelled but music still drives us and we need that more than ever right now. 

So, we’ll be here, solving problems, being creative, and using this time to adapt to what the world has given to us right now and also planning for what comes next when we can all see each other again.

In the meantime tune in to our next video coming from the living room or spare bedroom of one of my colleagues.

Stay safe and get creative!

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