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Facebook Spark AR vs. Snapchat Lens Studio

By Gavin Schlerf and Jordan Maddocks

With the introduction of Spark AR into the realm of digital marketing, it can be difficult to choose which augmented reality platform is best to promote oneself. For a long time, Snapchat held the throne in this brave new world of 3D effects, manipulated selfies and dancing hotdogs. They were successful in developing a platform…

Off-Facebook Advertising: A Feature for Nerds or Survivalists

Off-Facebook Activity: A Privacy Feature For Nerds or Survivalists

By Jordan Maddocks

On Tuesday (1/28), Mark Zuckerberg announced that all Facebook users will now have access to a new privacy features called “Off-Facebook Activity” or OFA. Facebook has teased this feature since the Congressional hearings in May 2018, and later rolled it out to a select number of users since August 2019. Essentially, OFA is a tool…

Mark zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey

Political Ads: How Will Policy Changes Impact Advertisers in the 2020 Election?

By Camille Franklin

Social media platforms Twitter, Google and Facebook make changes to how political campaigns run advertising on their social networks for election campaigns. How will this impact advertisers? Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey announced via Twitter in late October that the social app would be banning all political ads. In a time of “fake news” and record…

Facebook updates Template options for Instagram Story Ads

Facebook is making it easier to update your stories creative directly in Ads Manager by allowing Business Managers to overlay text or images to vertical assets. These features are being introduced gradually, and give access to changing placement and positioning options, and include scaling tools. In addition, text color, font choices, and timing segmentation are…