Music Marketing – 10 Ways to Keep Fans Tuned in from Home

Now is not the time to go dark on your fans. People are seeking connection, distraction, and ways to keep calm more than ever. How can you adapt to shifting fan routines? How can you go about making new content amidst changing workflows and limited resources? Let’s break down ten ideas.

1. Share helpful information

Offer encouragement and tips for how to stay safe, with your own spin. That might mean a musical handwashing demonstration, a graphic themed to a fan favorite song, or even a resource for fans to keep calm.

2. Teach your fans

With so many fans stuck at home with extra time to kill, help them improve their musical or dance skills.

3. Facilitate a live connection

Help fans feel connected by hosting a livestream. Give a peek into your experience stuck at home, show off your musical chops, answer fan questions, virtually collaborate with other artists & more. Get fans coming back by setting a schedule for when you’ll go live.

4. Release new content from home

Surprise & delight fans with brand new content. Don’t have a new single prepped? Get creative about new content that could be released from home:

  1. New takes on songs – acoustic versions, remixes, demos
  2. Behind-the-scenes stories of your creative process
  3. Unboxing of physical product
  4. Walkthrough of your gear & equipment
  5. You could even create a new song with fans via livestream or fan submissions

5. Create a soundtrack for quarantine activities

People are changing up their routines right now, and curated playlists can help bring music into the activities getting more time at home. Suggest a “quarantunes” playlist for cooking, cleaning, working out, or focus.

6. Build interactive experiences

Get fans spending more time with your content via an interactive experience like a game or virtual bedroom.

7. Encourage connection through music

Drive fans to make their own playlists with friends. Collaborative playlists are a great soundtrack for virtual happy hours, virtual gaming, and many other “separate but together” activities people are planning with their social circles.

8. Add some fun to fan video chats

As fans are using video more at home, help them add some flair with custom Zoom backgrounds or custom lenses they can use by downloading Snap Camera for their webcam.

9. Get fans on their feet

TikTok has proven it can be a game changer for a track, and it’s more popular than ever while people are looking for a quick escape from reality. Encourage user-generated content by creating a TikTok challenge tied to your song. It can even get topical:

10. Tap into smart speakers

Consumption via smart speaker is on the rise with so much time being spent at home. Get creative with this by prompting phrases fans can use to play your music. This could be promoted organically, or via a smart speaker-focused audio advertising campaign.

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Pro Tip: As you’re working to build fan relationships, do an audit of your retargeting set up. Have you taken the necessary steps to be able to reconnect with the fans enjoying the new content you’re putting out?

Not sure how to go about setting up retargeting? Need some help creating a custom lens, graphic, or editing new video content shot at home? Reach out below to get connected with our team.

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