Driving YouTube Subscribers: Amplifying the Value of a Video Viewer

Given the staggering amount of content uploaded to YouTube every hour, how can brands stand out?

Concept Albums: Creating An Immersive Storytelling Experience

By Zach Leone

What is a Concept Album? A concept album is an expanded approach to an album, often utilizing a single narrative or theme across all songs. Whether the tracks are unified lyrically, instrumentally, or compositionally, it is believed that the whole of a concept album is greater than the sum of its parts. Concept albums are…

New Rules for the Billboard 2020 Album Charts

By Joe Schlesinger

Learn how Billboard will count merch bundles and licensed YouTube views for their album sales charts. Billboard is making two changes to start the year that could significantly impact album charts for 2020. The first is how a merch bundle will be counted.   Changes to Merch Bundles A merch bundle is when an artist…

From Yona to Miquela: AI Artists Are On The Rise

By Jackie Chan

Black Mirror may have given the music industry an idea or two with its episode featuring Miley Cyrus. In the episode, Miley plays Ashley O: a pop-star with limited creative control over her songs and appearance. Later on, we see a comatose Ashley O in a hospital bed wearing a helmet that’s able to extract…

A follow up to Chartmetric, Jason Joven, and Chaz Jenkin’s ‘Trigger Cities’

In November 2018, Spotify published an article titled ‘Mexico City Is Now the World’s Music-Streaming Mecca’. In which, Spotify addresses that Mexico City was the first introduction to the company’s Latin-American market, and quickly became the largest listening base worldwide, after less than 5 years. Chartmetric, a music data analytics company, released a detailed 3-chapter…