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Case Study

Making Pinterest an Effective Sales Channel for Industry West

Working with modern furniture company Industry West, we turned Pinterest into an effective ad platform for driving sales of their products. This was accomplished through optimization, strategic targeting and creative adjustments. Over the last year, we lowered Pinterest’s cost-per-purchase by 2.9x and increased return on ad spend by 3.1x. The Goal Founded in 2011, Industry…

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Case Study

Boston Calling 2017: Driving Media and Design Behind Boston’s Major Music Festival

Crash Line Productions came to us for our fifth year driving the media and design behind Boston’s first major music festival, Boston Calling. In 2017 the festival was bigger and better, condensing its typical fall and summer festivals into one event, with a new location, killer lineup, and a major upgrade in in amenities. Our…

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Case Study

Augusten Burroughs This Is How Book Launch

This is How you launch a book! St. Martin’s Press wanted to launch noted LGBT author and humorist Augusten Burroughs latest book, This is How, in a manner that captured his intensity and passion. Our creative team was given phone-quality video footage of Augusten discussing the book and the cover art. From there, they crafted…

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Case Study

Capitalizing on Artists’ TV Performances

Background: A televised performance is an important moment for any artist, since it’s a chance for a national audience to see and hear an artist’s new music, potentially for the first time. Key TV performances lead to spikes in organic interest in an artist immediately following an appearance, as shown by Google Trends for Lady…

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Case Study


Background: AC/DC is one of the most legendary rock bands of all time. Their Number One albums have stretched across multiple decades and transcended generations. However, until November 19, 2012, AC/DC’s music was only available in physical formats. On November 19, AC/DC’s entire catalogue became available on iTunes. The challenge here was to raise awareness…

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Case Study

Build Up vs. Surprise Release Pros and Cons

Background: Over the past year, Gupta Media has been focused on running album sales campaigns with longer flights, including pre-order, to maximize the opportunity to reach core fans the moment that they are thinking about the product. This strategy focuses on connecting fans with appearances and promotions while keeping paid media running throughout. This is…

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