The Web, Untangled

Integrated Solutions To Help You Tie It All Together.

Online marketing that works.

Online marketing can be complicated, but we make it simple—and effective. Our results-driven strategies help you target your audience and reach them with impactful messaging that inspires action. See More

Custom analytics reporting when you need it.

With our proprietary reporting platform, you don’t have to wonder how your campaign is performing. You can get the latest insights, whenever, wherever. See More

Web design and development that delivers.

It’s only creative if it sells. Our designers build and implement cutting edge websites, apps, microsites, and widgets that seamlessly support your whole marketing campaign. In other words our sites work as beautifully as they look. See More

Creative advertising that gets noticed.

Breakthrough creative from our in-house design team of experts can push your entire marketing campaign forward. Banner ads, skins, pages… you name it, we can design it. See More

How It Works.

We start with informed strategies...

Contrary to what you might think, technology is rarely the answer, but it makes finding one easier. Our approach is based on time-tested advertising principles, enhanced by the speed and efficiency of the Web. And with our in-house reporting suite, report(SE), we know when our strategies are working—and if they’re not, exactly how to react.

Gupta Media’s team are experts in every aspect of Search Engine Marketing, from strategy to mechanics, and our proven approach to online marketing is catered to meet each client’s specific needs. We’ll work with you to help you decide which methods are best for your campaign and execute them to move your marketing plan forward.


…and deliver consistent results.

We pride ourselves on delivering measurable media results…and we measure those results down to the last decimal point. We’re passionately committed to helping our clients reach their goals and have a proven track record of building awareness, driving traffic, and motivating consumers to take action—whether it’s with a Facebook “like” or an iTunes purchase.

It’s that simple.